Monday, April 25, 2005

National Poetry Month

The Library currently has a poetry display for National Poetry Month. All of the contents of the display are available for checkout. In the display, you will find the works of venerable poets, such as Carl Sandburg and Langston Hughes. More recent poets, such as Adrienne Rich, Mark Strand, Seamus Heaney, and Czeslaw Milosz can also be found. Children's poetry, including Bruce Lansky's If Pigs Could Fly and fine collections, such as Garrison Keilor's Good Poems are included as well. There are also books on how to interpret poetry, and even write your own poems.

A special treat you may not be aware of in the Library's collection is the set of videocassettes from major writers, reading their works and talking about their writing. Along with some of the names above, Richard Wilbur, Mark Doty, Robert Creeley, and Allen Ginsberg are included in this set, which features fiction authors as well. Poetry is generally a bit more demanding than prose, and hearing the poet's own words can help bring the words alive.

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