Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What Can I Do About Climate Change?

with Jordan Sollitto
Thursday, October 10, 7:00 pm

Hardly a day goes by where climate change is not front and center in the news.  Global temperature records are set and then broken with increasing frequency.  Unprecedented volumes of rain fall during seasonal storms and hurricanes and drought grips regions around the world with alarming severity.  As policymakers debate how to address the problem, individuals often ask “What can I personally do?”  A presentation slated for 7 pm on October 10 at Crowell Public Library will provide a user-friendly and fascinating answer to that question.  This non-technical presentation will show how to assess and determine one’s own, individual carbon output and thereby better understand the individual’s role in the climate challenge.  More importantly, it will guide attendees through the many steps they can take to reduce the impact one’s personal lifestyle has on the problem.  Some of these strategies are almost certain to be surprising.

Jordan Sollitto, who sits on the steering committee of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, is a San Marino resident.  He has given countless presentations on climate-related topics at San Marino’s city council, school board and at Crowell Library.  Jordan’s objective whenever making a presentation on this subject is to do so in layman’s terms so that anyone can easily grasp the material.  He always runs his presentations past a few of his fellow Citizens’ Climate Lobby members who happen to be scientists working at JPL or Cal Tech.  That way he is confident in the scientific credibility of his material.  He credits his 25 years as a senior executive in the entertainment industry as helping him understand how to translate complex subject matter into a format readily accessible to the average, concerned community member.

Jordan will not only teach attendees how to calculate their own carbon emissions, he will direct them to a variety of easily-accessed resources available online that simplify the process as well.  Even though no single individual can solve the problem, every single individual can contribute to its solution.  Come to Crowell Library Thursday evening, October 10 and learn how.