Friday, March 11, 2005

Local Businesses Are Invited to Participate in the Summer Reading Program

To encourage children to keep reading throughout the summer, the San Marino Public Library holds a summer reading program every year. This year is no different. Although the reading program doesn't begin until June, planning has already begun to make sure this year's program it one of the best ever.

In an effort to assist the public library in providing a more memorable experience for all children, we are asking local businesses for items that can be used as reading incentives for children. Items such as redeemable coupons, gift certificates, or products are great reading motivators for young children. Not only will you be assisting in developing a community of readers, you will also be introducing your business to a large number of potential clients Over the past 2 years, over 5000 children and their families participated in activities and events offered by the San Marino Public Library.

If you would like to participate by becoming a Summer Reading Program sponsor, please contact Youth Services Librarian Tara Smith at (626) 300-0776. Your support is truly appreciated.

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