Thursday, August 19, 2004

Summer Reading Program Wrap-Up

The Summer Reading Program was a huge success at the San Marino Public Library. The number of children registered for the "Ride A Wild Tale" program reached an all time high of 660. The YA program also had an excellent turn out with over 175 teens participating in the "Get Wild…Read" program. The San Marino Public Library would like to congratulate all of the 165 children who read 20 books during the summer and completed the youth program. Those children who finished the program received a reading award and prize along with a gift certificate from both Los Gueros Mexican restaurant in Monrovia and San Marino Toy and Book Shoppe.

The annual summer program concluded with a "Rootin Tootin" magic show performed by magician Mark H. Wurst. All those in attendance were treated to a western feast that included hot dogs, baked beans, chips, and baked desserts. The winners of various contests held throughout the summer were also announced.

The staff at the San Marino Public Library would like to thank all the children and teens who participated in the San Marino Public Library Summer Reading Program. We would also like to thank all the "Ticktockers" from the National Charity League who donated a countless number of volunteer hours. We would also like to thank the various businesses and organizations that donated incentives to both the children's and teen program. Last, but definitely not least, we would especially like to thank the Friends of the San Marino Public Library. Their hard work and dedication makes it possible to continue the Summer Reading Program every year.

Contest Winners

Name the Character Contest:
Annika Greenleaf; Horse, "Clippety Clop"
Ashely Chuck; Wolf, "Bandit"
Justin Lee; Cow, "Cowdy"
Writing Contest:
Michelle Floyd, Manu Navjeevan
Drawing Contest:
Cherise Chuck, Sarah Garcia
Count the Corn Contest:
Kelly Chen

Young Adult Winners

Laser Tag Party at UltraZone:
Alex Cheng Karate Uniform and Lessons: Nikita Lamba, Jessica Ma
CD Player:
Stephanie Law
$25 Islands Restaurant Gift Certificate:
Devin Weakland
$25 Sport Chalet Gift Certificate:
Paige Konitake, Aakash Kumar, Madeline Lindsay, Michelle Mohr
$15 Tower Record Gift Certificate:
Andrea Binley, Ileana Borunda, Annie Chiao, Justin Farshida, Simon Lau, Wilson Lau, Hannah Lu, Alexander Phillips, Jody Sheu, Diana Zhang
Six Flags Magic Mountain:
Shannon Dang
LA Zoo:
Felicia Arafin, Caroline Liou
Gene Autry Western Museum:
Laura Adams, Eulanca Liu, Nicky Rayyis, Mark Tan
Aquarium of the Pacific:
Alison Chang, Vivian Hong
Extreme Bowling at AMF Bahama Lanes:
Joanie Del Santo, Stephanie Ko, Jessica Fong, Richard Liu, Saskia Raether, Cheryl Yeung
Laemmle Theatre:
Felicia Arafin, Alison Chang. Richard Hancock, Kishori Patel, Angel Pan, Kevin Wong

Businesses and Organizations that Donated Gifts to the Summer Reading Program:

Aquarium of the Pacific Los Gueros Mexican Restaurant
AMF Bahama Lanes San Marino Toy & Book Shoppe
Autry Museum of Western Heritage Shakey's Pizza
Hollywood Video Six Flags Magic Mountain
Island's Restaurant Sports Chalet
Kim's Hapkido Stars Athletic Foundation
Laemmle Theatre Ultrazone
Los Angeles Zoo Wells Fargo Bank

Participants Who Completed the Summer Reading Program by Reading 20+ Books

Daniel Abrams Olivia Greenleaf Olivia Ponce
David Anawalt Christine Hancock Ryan Puri
Winston Anawalt Sarah Higdon Nicky Rayyis
Evan Anthopoulos Maya Ho Austin Reyes
Shelly Anthopoulos Melody Ho Tristen Reyes
Gabriela Arifin Henry Hotaling Brianna Rogers
Leann Barth Madeline Hotaling Thomas Rogers
Kate Beardsley Christian Hu Joshua Rose
Weiwei Breakwell Emilie Hu Toltic Sandoeal
Jessica Cameron Jordan Hu Sayvzhdri Sarrafpour
Brandon Carone Joshua Hu Masamich Sasuki
Alex Cate Alexander Hung Rececca Sheih
Dannie Chabilue Anthony Hung Jonathan Sheu
Christina Chang Christopher Hung Matthew Shieh
Diana Chang Alfred Hwang Jessica Song
Kalyn Chang Jasper Kan Kevin Song
Russell Chang Kyle Ko Steven Song
Ruyi Chang Michelle Ko Tyler Spitzer
William Chang Thomas Krimmel Andrew Stonnington
Zoe Chang Fion Lam Caroline Stonnington
Jonathan Chen Tasha Lam Christopher Stonnington
Justine Chen Water Lam Darren Sun
Kelly Chen Justine Lan Justine Tang
Melody Chen Emily Lau Madeline Tomaske
Tess Chen Eric Lau Natalie Tso
Ruguan Cheng Stacey Lau Chanica Veranunt
Ryan Chiu Victoria Lau Han Vi
Stephanie Cho Brianna LeBerthon Andrew Wan
Elliot Chou Chrisian Lee Angela Wang
Ariel Cristi Justine Lee Camille Wang
Erin Cristi Tammy Lee Kevin Wang
Sabrina Cristi Alex Lei Nathan Wang
Amy Damir Alyssa Leung Valerie Wang
Anna Damir Jenna Leung Angeline Wong
Emily Delorimier Dean Li Bailey Wong
Jack Delorimier Andrew Lin Jacqueline Wong
Lauren Dietzel Jonathan Lin Jared Wong
Matt Dietzel Bill Lin Mathew Wong
Jessica Fan Rachel Linton Natalie Wong
Jessica Fan Sarah Linton Samantha Wong
Diana Felix Tiffany Lu Wyatt Wu
Marina Felix Elaine Luong Alana Yamada
Alexis French Ryan Luong Haley Yamada
Arianna French Jonathan Mac Chrystal Yen
Andrew Gabig Ashley Matanaka Behanty Yew
Sasha Gabig Elise Matsusaka Britney Yip
Joshua Gilmore Manu Navjeevan Vivain Yip
Tyler Gilmore Vidhu Navjeevan Samantha Young
Lauren Gomez Mike Nelson Emory Yuan
Jonathan Gonzalez Matt Omari Ach Yung
Kayley Gonzalez Maya Omari Zoe Yung
Moriah Gonzalez Lauren Panajotovic Grace Zhang
Amanda Grannis Sean Panajotovic Chris Zoro
Cameron Grannis Larissa Phillips  

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