Thursday, August 26, 2004

A Brave New Science Fiction Section

Many patrons who visit our library may not be aware that there is a section that we set aside for books of science fiction and fantasy. Currently, this area is at the tail end of the Fiction section, set back in a corner on the eastern wall. It is secluded in more ways than one. Some of the books there now date back to the early 1960’s!

All that will change during our “Patron Free Week”. Throughout the summer, we have been buying new science fiction books and making certain that we have solid copies of the classics. The crusty old ones, in which the world of tomorrow now appears distinctly retro, are being retired.

While we are closed to the public, we will move the Science Fiction and Fantasy section to where the beginning of the regular Fiction section is now, on the wall next to the drinking fountain.

If you love the world of science fiction and fantasy literature, check out our new compact, current collection when it debuts on September 7.

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