Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Summer Reading Program Has Begun!!!

If you didn't know by now the Summer Reading Program at the San Marino Public Library has begun and has taken off to a fantastic start. Over 294 children have signed up for this annual program in the first 4 days of registration. The Public Library wants children to read during the summer months and one way of encouraging them is to have them participate in the Summer Reading Program. Children are asked to read and are rewarded for reaching various reading milestones. The staff at the public library had visits with every class at Carver and Valentine elementary schools to give the kids an overview of the program and to encourage them to visit the library during the summer.

A new aspect of the program is to encourage children going on vacation for three weeks or more to participate. These children will receive a reading record to keep track of the books they read while on their trip, along with a packet that will include forms so they may write a short report about each book. Upon return, they can bring their materials back to the library to receive their reading rewards. By creating this option, we are hoping to get as many kids as possible involved with summer reading. For more information on the Summer Reading Program, please call the Children's Department at (626) 300-0777.

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