Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A Little More About the Internet

Many people who have taken the Internet for Beginners class at the Library have asked about "the next class." The staff generally recommends that people spend time working with the Internet and consider coming to the Library so that the reference librarians can help them work through their questions. A new class "A Little More About the Internet" will attempt to take people a few steps further. This class is not recommended for computer or Internet novices, but if you have done a fair share at dabbling but want some help, this class is for you. This hour and a half class (one time only) will be offered on Saturday, July 17. Please call (626) 300-0777 to make a reservation.

If you are interested in taking the Internet for Beginners class, call to get on the notification list, and the staff will let you know as soon as a date is set for the next class.

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