Monday, May 10, 2004

Discover the Cure for Abibliovactionphobia

As summer approaches, many people find themselves afflicted by Abibliovacationphobia, the fear of running out of reading material while on vacation. But the San Marino Public Library is more than prepared to come to the aid of anyone suffering from this seasonal problem.

Do you enjoy mysteries? We have the newest books by Robert B. Parker and Jonathan Kellerman. If you like history, you can check out the book Grand Old Party: A History of Republicans by Lewis L. Gould, or biographies of two major participants in the founding of our country, Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, or An Imperfect God, about George Washington, by Henry Wiencek.

If you’re taking the car on vacation this year, the library has lots of new audio books (in both tape and CD formats) that will help take your mind off the price of gas. Or you can just come into the library and check out both the Abibliovacationphobia display near the front door and the Staff Selects shelf for other good vacation reading ideas.

There is no reason to let Abibliovacationphobia, or its evil cousin, Summer Boredom, get the upper hand, when the library is here with the perfect antidote: free and abundant reading material.

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