Monday, May 10, 2004

Childrens’ Room Doors Permanently Closed

The aging San Marino Public Library building has hit another wall. Well, not a wall. A door. A broken door. The side entrance into the library that opens directly into the childrens’ room features a “panic door” for emergency exits. It is also fitted with a security system to protect against book loss. Both of these things are badly broken. The cost to repair or replace the door and the security system will run between twelve and fourteen thousand dollars.

Because we plan to replace the library building soon, the City of San Marino has decided not to repair this library entrance. It will be permanently closed, designated as an emergency exit only. That being the case, the Fire Code requires that we reduce the number of seats in the Girls’ and Boys’ Room. The area that already overflows with students doing homework will become just that much more crowded.

This is just the latest incident in the ongoing saga of the disintegration of the San Marino Public Library building. Each time another piece of the library breaks down, it underscores the need for a new structure.

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