Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Digital Photography with George Simian

Come to Crowell Public Library on Saturday, May 6 and learn how to improve your photography in the post-processing workflow. George Simian, a leading East-Coast/West-Coast commercial photographer ( and educator (UCLA Extension, Samy’s Camera, American Photographic Artists) will show you how to master the process of making decisions:  identifying your intentions, minimizing distractions, maximizing the mood, and directing the eye of the viewer.  Bring some digital files on a flash drive, and George will improve them in 60 seconds!  The seminar will begin at 2:00 p.m. and last until 4:00 p.m. in the Library’s Barth Community Room.

Audience needs considered and time permitting, George will address:  the mechanics of the camera and lenses and exposure, strategies for shaping your style and vision, post-processing using various software and refining the image in Photoshop, and practical business approaches appropriate to your specific audience.  George has worked with emerging commercial photographers, with boudoir and portrait photographers, with documentary fine artists, and with others just beginning to master the camera and the digital workflow.

George Simian started out as a photography teacher in 1973 at Cornell University, excited to "expose" newcomers to the wonders of the latent silver image, and its magical manifestation in the darkroom. When his career moved on to commercial photography, he became a mentor to his assistants, as well as presenting one-day seminars for photographers' organizations, and for various manufacturers.  Relocating to Los Angeles, George re-engaged with teaching as an avocation, and practiced it in various classrooms, location workshops, and one-on-one.  He continues to offer individual coaching, meeting with various emerging photographers with very different interests, and at different experience levels.  He finds it amazing how much one can accomplish when working side-by-side, focused exclusively on the issue at hand.
George Simian is a longtime member of the APA American Photographic Artists.  Don’t miss this free opportunity to improve your photography skills with an expert!