Thursday, August 04, 2016

Lip Reading Made Fun with Francine Katz
Mondays & Tuesdays starting September 12

Challenge your memory, improve your language skills, and ease the burden of hearing loss by learning to lip read.  In these fun and stimulating classes, students will enhance their verbal skills by analyzing how language looks and sounds.  Instructor Francine Katz challenges the class to memorize sentences, play word games and focus on lip-reading skills.  Spouses of the hearing-impaired are also encouraged to attend to better understand how their patience and consideration can pay off with better communication.  According to Ms. Katz, the human eye can see only eight or nine mouth movements per second, whereas the ears can hear 13 or 14 sounds per second, so slowing speech for the benefit of lip-readers makes sense.

Francine Katz, MA, SLP, CCC, is a graduate of Northwestern University and a licensed speech-language pathologist and lip reading specialist.  Mrs. Katz was with Pasadena City College for over twelve years.  She was “Teacher of the Year” at PCC in 2005.  She was also listed in “Who’s Who in America,” Western Section.  Ms. Katz has taught this class at various locations for over 45 years and students rave how their mental agility has improved after participating. 

Get your brain in shape with a free weekly two-hour workout in the Barth Community Room at Crowell Library in a relaxed atmosphere with rewarding results.  Classes begin September 12 and 13.  Choose either Mondays from 12:30 pm or Tuesday mornings at 9:30, or sample a class and then return ready to do some work as a regular attendee.

Boosting your brain power can only help you age with grace!