Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Journey of Raising Music Prodigies & Sports All Stars

Saturday August 20, 1:30 pm

East Meets West Parent Education Club is a multicultural group that presents professionals who share their knowledge and pass on skills on how to raise children in an international and competitive world.  Topics can include positive discipline, teenage issues, special education, and internet safety.  At Crowell Public Library, their first parent conference will be, “The Journey of Raising Music Prodigies and Sports All Stars,” which will advise parents on how to encourage their children to engage in sports and music activities for a healthier life.  The speakers will be Sean Gill, the president of San Marino Little League Baseball, experienced coach and father of three sports all-stars, and Cindy Lewis, mother of three home-schooled children with exceptional music talents:  national competition winners, studying now or graduated from world-class music conservatories.

Some new families in the San Gabriel Valley area come from countries that do not have baseball or any of the “youth sports culture” that we have in the U.S.  Sean will explain the benefits of team sports for raising children, including the tradition of little league baseball here in the U.S.  He will also review the San Marino Community sports leagues of flag football and basketball.  Cindy will discuss her passion for and philosophy of raising her three music prodigies and the benefits of homeschooling.  Her stories will encourage parents to nurture and cultivate their children's music talents. 

Upcoming topics at Crowell Library include college and scholarship applications, positive parenting, internet safety and neighborhood watch, teenage issues and special education.  Programs are presented in English, with Mandarin speakers on hand to translate.

Parents with children in the San Gabriel Valley region and beyond are most welcome to attend.