Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tea-One Tasting: The Spectrum of Taiwan Oolongs

Thursday February 19th, 7:00 p.m.

Start the new year off on a refreshing note! Come to Crowell Library on the lunar new year and learn all about the processes that result in the “Spectrum of Taiwan Oolongs.” Every year our favorite Ambassador of Taiwan Tea, Thomas Shu and his lovely wife Josephine Pan, take a group of professionals to Taiwan for a tour that explains the production aspects of oolongs that so many enjoy. Learn about the amazing craftsmanship involved -- the picking, withering, oxidation, fixation, rolling -- every step that results in producing the different types of oolongs. From lush gardens to tea cups! And of course samples will be available to savor!

At past workshops with Thomas, patrons have learned to savor and appreciate teas like fine wines. They explored the aromas of an array of teas that can soothe or stimulate, but always tantalize the taste buds and elevate one’s well being. Thomas Shu has presented tea workshops for almost every university in California and other institutions, such as Princeton, Duke and Harvard. He is a third-generation tea specialist from Taiwan, where his family has been conducting tea business for more than sixty years. He works with many major tea companies and importers from Asia, Europe, and the United States. It was in 2007 that Thomas received the honorary title, “Ambassador of Taiwan Tea,” from Taiwan Tea Manufacturers Association in recognizing his dedication and contributions for the industry. He is one of the founding members and board directors of American Premium Tea Institute, now known as Specialty Tea Institute. Thomas and Josephine are founders of Taiwan Tea Institute in Los Angeles, as well as hosts for Azusa Tea Club, a monthly meet up.

As every year, there are surprises in store: this year it involves a Taiwan puppet show for the celebration of Lunar New Year 2015!