Thursday, December 12, 2013

coming to Crowell Library: Dakim Brain Fitness

Trial Use for the Month of January 2014

Everyone’s heard the old adage, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,” and that is not only true of our muscles, but our brains. They need exercise too. Dakim is a computer based program designed to provide a fun, comprehensive brain workout in just 20 minutes a day. It features vivid graphics, music, humor, movie clips, stories, and trivia to keep the program interesting, engaging, and fun. The touch screen environment makes it easy, even if the user hasn’t used computers in the past. No keyboard, no mouse are used. The user just listens, watches, and touches the screen to select a response.

Dakim can help people stay mentally engaged and improve memory skills. Recent retirees or seniors may find Dakim to be a great way to spend part of the day while giving their brains a little workout. There are five different levels, so users can find the one that suits them best. People who have already experienced some memory and cognitive loss may find that participating in the Dakim program improves their ability to focus.

Crowell Public Library will have a one month trial period in January allowing patrons to come to the Library, try the program and give their feedback to help decide whether the Library should offer Dakin Brain Fitness on an ongoing basis. Patron participation is crucial in this process. The Library is now setting appointments for those wishing to try the program through January 31. Patrons are welcome to come in for multiple sessions as the makers of Dakim recommend its use three to five times a week for 20 minutes. If enough patrons like using it, the Library hopes to subscribe to the service.

The Library will offer brief orientations in the computer lab to demonstrate Dakim. Call (626) 300-0777 and ask for the Reference Desk to sign up. After the initial visit, patrons can sign up for more sessions.

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