Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LA Opera Talk: The Flying Dutchman

SUNDAY, February 24th 2:00 p.m.
Wagner’s Flying Dutchman

The legend of the ghostly ship condemned to wander the oceans forever has fascinated opera lovers for hundreds of years. A raging storm has forced a Norwegian captain, Daland, to seek shelter for his ship and crew in a cove, which he realizes is only seven miles from his home port. An eerie black-masted ship comes into view and anchors in the cove, and a ghostly crew furls blood-red sails. The captain comes ashore and sings of his cruel fate. He is the Flying Dutchman. Once every seven years, the captain may land somewhere to search for a woman who will love him faithfully, even unto death.

Learn about the enthralling score which powers a thrilling journey into an unsettling, mythic world where a tormented spirit seeks true love as his redemption. Community Educator, BOB EMIRHANIAN will discuss the history of the Flying Dutchman legend, a look at Wagner the man, and a summary of the Flying Dutchman opera.
This introduction to opera at Crowell Public Library is free. After hearing excerpts from this production, you’ll undoubtedly be inspired to make a trip to the Los Angeles Music Center for a real opera experience.