Thursday, October 04, 2012

Downloading eBooks Made Simple!

Tuesday, November 6: Downloading to a Kindle
Tuesday, November 13: Downloading to an iPad
Tuesday, November 20: Downloading to a Nook

What’s so great about checking out ebooks? You don’t have to return them! Along with traditional books, the Crowell Library lends eBooks, as well, and they are also free. These Tech Tuesday sessions at 7:00 p.m. will be a combination of demonstrations and hands-on experience to help you get eBooks onto your Kindle, iPad or Nook. Bring your device, along with its USB chord and you’ll be on your way. Please register in advance by calling 626-300-0777 ext. 579.

Each evening will start with an overview of the Overdrive platform available to Crowell Library. Then the audience will break into smaller groups and learn about downloading to their specific devices. If that new reader has been sitting on your dresser since last Mother’s Day, now is the perfect time to learn the joy of reading the Autobiography of Mark Twain without the bulk and weight issues!

Bring all your questions to this fun, judgment-free environment created by the knowledgable and e-savvy librarians at Crowell Public Library.