Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You-Turn: Changing Direction in Midlife

with Dr. Nancy Irwin Thursday, April 8th 7 p.m. Is your life the road not taken? It’s never too late to turn around. DR. NANCY IRWIN will help you get motivated to pull a 180. She’s pulled a few herself as she trained to be an opera singer, pursued a career as a stand-up comedian and then became a psychotherapist. Her book, You Turn: Changing Direction in Midlife, is full of inspirational stories: a crack dealer who became a real estate investor; a 73 year-old singer who enrolled in law school; a catering director who started rehabbing used cars for low-income people; a Harvard lawyer who became a New Age healer, and many more. Originally from Atlanta, Dr. Irwin experienced an epiphany when she began volunteer work for Children of the Night, a shelter for sexually abused children in Los Angeles. It changed her life, and prompted her to pursue a doctorate in psychology and to specialize in the prevention and healing of child sexual abuse. She is now in private practice and is also a busy public speaker for Children of the Night, the Rape and Incest National Network, and Planned Parenthood. She’s been quoted extensively in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Women’s World, and others, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, including The Greg Behrendt Show, My Fair Brady, The Eddie Griffin pilot, The Fashion Network, Blind Date to name a few. If you want to identify what’s not working for you, explore where you might want to go, overcome those fears that prevent most people from changing, and learn how to design a life that fulfills you, don’t miss this inspiring evening at Crowell Public Library.