Monday, April 16, 2007

Library Construction Cost Going Down!

Nearing the halfway point, the construction of the new San Marino Public Library continues on schedule. But the projected spending for the project has actually dropped! Savings in the cost of technology and furnishings (over $830 thousand) along with donations of service from Nu-Way Disposal (almost $31 thousand) have knocked almost nine hundred thousand dollars off of previous budget projections. This reduces the program budget from $17.2 million down to $16.3 million.

"The greatest thing about these savings is that the price is dropping without changing the scope of work," notes City Manager Matt Ballantyne.

Private citizens have already donated over half of the cost of this public structure. Once the Library Foundation meets its fundraising goal, the generous gifts of private donors will eventually cover two-thirds of the expense to complete our community's state-of-the-art library and meeting place that is scheduled to open next January.

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