Monday, March 19, 2007

Tax Filing Deadline

“Tax Day” will be April 16 this year (the 15th is a Sunday), so there is under a month remaining to get those taxes done. With online filing becoming more prevalent, the options are even more plentiful. The San Marino Public Library cannot write your payment check, nor can the library staff tell you how to fill out your forms, but we can supply you with free copies of both state and federal booklets, as well as many of the basic forms. If you are looking for a form that we don’t have, we can help you find forms on the Internet and print them for ten cents each.

If you want to obtain the form from the Internet yourself, you can go to and click on “Forms and Publications” and then “Form and instruction number”. If you need any help finding a form, or if you want to know if the Library has free copies of the forms and instructions you need, call the library at (626) 300-0777 and ask for the reference desk.

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