Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Community Pride and Faith Paying Off

Eighteen years of careful planning and private as well as City support is finally coming to fruition as steel columns and girders rise into place, forming the structural backbone of the new San Marino Public Library.

Private investors have given the majority of the funds to build this public gathering place. These generous citizens have taken it upon themselves to invest in the future of their City, knowing that this flagship facility will act as a resilient and cohesive cultural core for San Marino, as well as generate value for years to come.

At last, San Marino families will have a highly functional library that will be fully outfitted to support its excellent schools with up-to-date equipment and resources. And, although users will still be able to borrow books at no charge, the Library will generate revenue for the City by renting its state-of-the-art community meeting room, for example. Also, the volunteer-staffed Friends of the Library Used Book Shoppe will occupy center stage with its own storefront conveniently located near the library entrance. Revenues generated by the Shoppe pay for many of the Library’s new books and materials. In addition, the new building is designed to be energy efficient, thus saving the enormous heating and cooling costs associated with the old building.

Other California communities have waited for State hand-outs to build or replace their libraries. Our far-sighted citizens empowered themselves to move forward with construction. As a result, by the end of this year, San Marino will enjoy a new library built by its own residents: a powerful asset worthy of the accomplished people of this town.

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