Monday, October 30, 2006

Search All Online Databases with One Click

Say you are at home at night in your pajamas. You have a big paper due tomorrow, and you need some information pronto! But the Library is closed. What do you do?

The San Marino Public Library subscribes to over a dozen online databases full of edited articles that can really help get that homework done—even when the library is closed!

Simply point your browser to the home page of the San Marino Public Library: On the left hand side of the page, click the second link down: “Online Reference Resources”. Type in your library card number (14 digits, no spaces), and you’re good to go!

Just fill in some words that you are looking for. Then, click to select the databases that you want to search. Look for all dates, or restrict your search to a certain publication date range. Then click “Go”.

The program will then look through all the databases you selected, all at the same time! No more looking through one database at a time, hoping that you have picked the best one for your subject.

Just scroll down the results list to see everything that appears in any of our databases that pertains to your topic. Nothing could be easier!

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