Monday, November 22, 2004

Spotlight on the Magazine Index: An Online Subscription from Your Library

Need to do some research but can't get to the library? No problem! The San Marino Public Library subscribes to eleven different services that you can use through our Web page with your library card at any time of day or night.

The crown jewel of this collection is the Magazine Index. This database, also known as MasterFile Elite from EBSCOhost Web(tm), lets users search through a database that reaches back to the early 1990s and covers over 1200 magazines and journals ranging from People to the Journal of Interamerican Studies & World Affairs. Many entries contain the entire text of articles just as they appeared in print!

Students love this database because it means that they don't have to physically go to the library, find the correct edition of the magazine that they seek, and then photocopy it. Parents find this collection useful when they want to read articles about home repair or appliance reviews. This service can also help busy businesspeople to find quality information right from their desks at work.

How do you reach this information treasure? Grab your library card, point your browser to, and then click on "Online Reference Resources". On the next screen, choose "Magazine Index". The login screen will ask for a "Patron ID". This is your 14-digit library card number typed in with no spaces. On the following page, choose the service called "EBSCOhost Web". Once you do that, you will be free to explore the world of magazine and journal articles online--all with a strong guarantee of quality, courtesy of the San Marino Public Library.
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