Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Guaranteed Quality Information at the Office and at Home-Through Your Library

Are you worried about the quality of the information that you find on the Internet? Wouldn't it be nice to have Web-based facts at your fingertips that you could be sure were reliable? Now you can, through your San Marino Public Library.

The Library has subscribed to eleven different products that you can get into through our Web page with your library card. These include a magnificent magazine database that lets you search through over 1200 well-known periodicals, many of which will serve up entire articles just as they appeared in print. Forget about a copy machine! Just mark the articles you need and have them sent to your e-mail inbox.

Need an old article from the Los Angeles Times? From our Web page, you can pull up every story that appeared in the paper going all the way back to 1985. Students, visit Facts on File to find science experiment suggestions or CQ Researcher to get the pros and cons of modern societal dilemmas. High schoolers can browse College Catalogs online.

Book group members can find reviews and recommendations for modern fiction in Novelist, and background information about older authors in Gale's Writers' Lives and even Current Biography, a database that has articles about the famous reaching back to 1940.

Finally, everyone can use online articles from Encyclopedia Americana (the U.S. answer to Encyclopedia Britannica) and the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary. How do you reach these gems? Grab your library card and point your browser to http://smpl.us. Most of these products require users outside library walls to type in their 14-digit library card number, with no spaces. Once you do that, you can explore the world of subscription information-all with a strong guarantee of quality, courtesy of the San Marino Public Library.

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