Saturday, April 17, 2004

An Information Free-For-All at San Marino Public Library

In celebration of National Library Week, April 18-24, San Marino Public Library will be offering you Thomson Gale's Free-for-All, a program that gives everyone free access to more than two dozen reference databases.

San Marino Public Library along with Thomson Gale wants to help create awareness among our community of the outstanding electronic resources available online at our library, or through remote access.

Although just entering search terms online can work in some cases, there may be a better way to get to quality information. There is a huge difference when conducting a search on the open Internet versus conducting a search on an authoritative database with verified information. You can expect accurate and relevant results from these databases, which is important when seeking homework help or information to help make life-changing decisions.

That's why libraries pay for subscription databases, like Thomson Gale's, that are filled with only accurate and verified information. While libraries pay for these databases, the community can use them free of charge.

So during National Library Week, visit San Marino Public Library to find all the quality information you've been looking for and how to avoid the pitfalls of the open Web.

And after National Library Week is over, you can continue to find quality information through the resources available here at San Marino Public Library. These resources can be used at our library or can be accessed remotely, from your home or office. Call us at (626) 300-0777 to find out how. It's that easy - similar to using a search engine, but better.

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